Making it happen

We’re going to New Orleans. We took the dive. I bought the tickets, put a deposit on a B&B and we’re good to go! One week in January to spend listening to amazing music, eating crawfish and walking the historic avenues of NOLA; it will be a much needed break.

I’m giving more thought to traveling…and writing more extensively than I have in the past. Ciprian is thinking about this too. There is a chance that next Fall we will take off for awhile. Nothing is decided yet. There are endless variables to measure. We need to do a thorough cost-benefit analysis. But…it’s awfully tempting.

We have lost several people (and a cat) over the past year. Losing loved ones is difficult, but it does one thing that could be seen as a positive – it brings home one simple fact – life is short. Why squander it away feeling burned out and stressed? Why not move forward with the things that will challenge you and excite you? Indeed…why not?

P.S. The image is me with Lawrence the giraffe – Mugi Ranch, Kenya, 2009